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Let's Teach Video Series - Lesson 1
Purpose of a Group Bible Study
Parts of a Bible Study -- Hook, Book, Look, Took

Let's Teach Video Series  - Lesson 2
Expectations for Teachers
Learning Styles

Let's Teach Video Series - Lesson 3
Top Tips for Discussion Style Lessons
Best Practices


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Use of these Online Sunday School Lessons:

On the left are links to online Bible study lesson plans that I have prepared and will teach from. The teaching style used is an interactive or discussion style. The lesson poses questions which guide the learners to determine what the Scriptures say, what they mean, and then how it should be changing their lives. PowerPoint slides are available which are designed to visually display the scripture passages and the discussion questions. These are free Sunday School Lessons which you may download and use as is or use as a resource to help you in your teaching ministry.

Each lesson begins with a "Motivation" or "Hook" section. This is a question which is usually of the "brain storming" variety. Its purpose is to get learners thinking along the line of the lesson topic and to raise interest in the subject. This section is followed by a "transition" which brings together the motivation question and announces exactly what the lesson covers.

The Bible Study portion proceeds through each of the three or four scripture passages. I am a firm believer that when a Bible lesson is taught or preached, listener/learners should be looking at three things; what the Bible says, what it means, and how will they live differently as a result of the Truth encountered.

These elements are stressed in the "Let's Teach" online course.

·         The "Book"

·         The "Look"

·         The "Took"


To that end, I like to use questions which lead the learner through those three steps. You will notice that for each question stated, a series of possible answers are given in the lesson. Lawyers know that you should never ask a question in court for which you do not know the answer and the same thing applies in this context. The teacher should give some thought to the kinds of answers he/she is expecting ... all for the purpose of directing the thinking of the learners.

Generally the teacher should accept (just about) any answer learners give. Sometimes hints or guidance can be given as to the direction you are taking them. My classes often accuse me of giving them "Guess what the teacher is thinking" questions -- usually they are right. That's when I give the hints or maybe even end up giving them my answer

Occasionally a two column table is part of the answers. This is usually a contrast/comparison exercise. Use your judgment as to when it is helpful to record answers to questions on a chalkboard or whiteboard or overhead projector transparency.

The last portion of the lesson is applications. These are specific actions which learners might be expected to take as a result of applying that Sunday's lesson.

Comments on Preparation

I believe that both cheap hand guns and Bible study lessons which are "Saturday Night Specials" tend to blow up in your face. A lesson is intended to communicate Spiritual principles and concepts to learners. It takes time for these to become absorbed and correctly arranged in the mind and heart of the teacher who will facilitate that communication.

Thus, I feel that I must read multiple resources in small increments starting on Monday or Tuesday. Then when I sit down at the computer to put together the lesson at the end of the week, I have a much better idea of what the lesson entails. If you find these lessons useful, I believe you will be most effective if you spend a little time each day reading and studying the background material provided for teachers.

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